Earning and Claiming $BAO

As part of our mint giveaway. Every 5th mint (token ID is a multiple of 5) will be able to claim extra 1500 $BAO tokens for free (+ gas).

Currently, Bao NFT holders can passively earn $BAO in two ways – by either holding or staking their Baos.

Because staking on the Ethereum blockchain requires sizable gas fees for approval and stake, we’ve created a mechanism that allows each Bao NFT to automatically earn $BAO daily by holding (no staking required). Earned $BAO is claimable anytime (daily, weekly, monthly, etc), meaning the amount of claimable tokens will automatically accumulate daily until you decide to claim.

On the other hand, holders who want to earn more $BAO (on top of the $BAO claimable by holding), can choose to stake their NFT to claim additional daily $BAO rewards.

To claim $BAO without staking:

  • Visit https://stake.baosociety.com/

  • Connect wallet (e.g. Metamask)

  • Click 'Claim’ and sign to claim $BAO for Bao NFTs you currently hold

To stake and claim $BAO:

  • Visit https://stake.baosociety.com/

  • Connect wallet (e.g. Metamask)

  • Click ‘Approve’ to approve staking

  • Select the Bao(s) you want to stake and click ‘Stake’

  • Click ‘Claim’ to claim $BAO tokens for staked Baos

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